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I’m Taylor!

I’m the Woman Behind Penna Flower Company

Flowers have always been a part of my life, from my mother’s immaculate flower garden to the worlds I dreamt up while playing in the woods as a child. I have been fortunate enough to follow my natural passions and create a world now where I am still able to play with nature and create beautiful arrangements for clients.

Have you ever had that moment when the stars align, and everything falls into place? My start in the floral world was much like that.  I happened into a random flower shop in search of a job, and by a twist of fate someone had resigned that very day. I knew almost immediately that I had found a calling, the one I had been desperately and blindly seeking out. Purpose. Direction. I quickly dreamed of my own business where I could sell fresh flowers in a vendor style setup, possibly from a cart.

That fall, I set off to Portland, Oregon’s Floral Design Institute, where I received  formal training and a certification in Floral Design. I finally understood mechanics and design to give legs to all of the creativity in my head and heart.

After another year in the public floral world it was time to strike out on my own. 

Many people ask me about the origin of our name. Penna existed before the standardization of Pennsylvania to PA. This was how my great grandfather had addressed letters to my respective great grandmother when they were dating. I found this magical and was hellbent on including it in my title, and thus, Penna Flower Company was born.

What I Do

Floral Design


As an FDI certified floral designer, my goal is to create the most magical, modern, and beautiful florals that bring joy to those who experience them.

Currently, my business is undergoing some changes. While I am not currently booking weddings, I am still passionately creating floral designs. I am also available for collaborations. Please be sure to contact me about specialty services and a la carte designs.

Let me help make flowers a memorable part of your day…any day.

Some of my creations

Preview some samples of my work below: 

Bring your floral dreams

to life

To get started, simply fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible. Please be sure to include any special details in your message that may be important for me to know prior to us scheduling a time to talk. Thank you!

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